Skin Consultation

Skin Consultation

For clients seeking advice or sound of mind and more information before undertaking various treatments, we offer free skin consultation.


Eminence Facials

Let’s face it, facials are what puts beauty therapists on the map, and if you believe what our clients say about ours, then you know you are going to be in professional, skilled, and caring hands when you book in for any of our amazing facials. Advanced, or quick and indulgent, we have the facial and premium products that your and your skin will love.

Express Facial

For time poor individuals who are looking for a quick freshen up
$ 50 - 80  

Gemstone Facial (All Skin Types)

Relaxing, detoxing, and fabulous for all skin types
$ 159  

Botox Facial (For Fine Lines & Wrinkles)

Say hello to beautiful skin and bye bye to fine lines and wrinkles
$ 179  

Blueberry Detox (Skin Tightening & Glow)

Bring out your best skin with this firming and brightening facial
$ 129  

Acne Advanced Salicylic Acid Treatment (Combat Acne, Breakouts, Scars & Improve Skin Surface)

Get the skin you deserve with this amazing and effective skin treatment
$ 189  

Lime Stimulating Facial (Youthful Glow)

Get your youthful glow on with this stimulating and beautiful facial
$ 139  

Artic Berry Facial (Illuminate & Glow)

Get beautiful, glowing, and fresh skin results with this divine facial
$ 169  

Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Facial (For Dry Skin)

Send dry and dead skin packing with this replenishing and gorgeous facial
$ 149  

Mangosteen Facial (Improved Skin Texture with Resurfacing)

For clean, clear, and resurfaced, beautiful skin
$ 149  

Hungarian HOT Mud Facial (For Oily & Congested Skin)

Achieve fresh, clean, and clear skin with this indulgent mud facial
$ 129  

Additional Facial Inclusions (Applies To All Facials)

Boost your facial with any of these fabulous inclusions:

Enzyme Exfoliation

$ 30

Dermalux LED light Therapy

$ 30

Esthemax Hydro Jelly Mask

$ 25


$ 50


(A powerful combination of treatment features including water jets, vacuum exfoliation product/nutrient infusion)
$ 40  

High Frequency

(Restores and rejuvenates skin through the use of a mild and painless electrical current)
$ 30  

Therapy Signature Facials

At Therapy we offer a variety of advanced facials 


-Hydra infusion dermabrasion

-Skin needling


Please see online booking link for more details

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

Rejuvenate your skin with LED Light Therapy. Effective on a wide range of skin conditions including acne, fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea and scarring and inflammation, LED Light Therapy is a wonderful treatment to add to your skin care arsenal.